security guard license in Ontario

What is the cost of a security guard license in Ontario?

Embarking on a career as a security guard in Ontario requires proper training and obtaining a security guard license in Ontario from the security regulatory authority. In this blog, we will explore the cost and training options provided by Supreme Security Services, a renowned training provider in Ontario. With a remarkable track record of training over 1,500+ guards and facilitating their employment, Supreme Security Services offers comprehensive and affordable training packages that can kickstart your journey in the security industry.

Comprehensive Training Packages:

Supreme Security Services understands the significance of professional protection in today’s world. They have meticulously developed specialized training programs to equip aspiring security guards with the necessary skills and knowledge required for the job. By obtaining a license from the security regulatory authority, you can pave the way for a rewarding career as a security guard in Ontario. Let’s dive deeper into the training packages offered by Supreme Security Services:

Package 1: Basic Security Training + Standard First Aid & CPR/AED (Level C)

Price: $197.75 (tax included)

This comprehensive package is perfect for individuals aspiring to become licensed security guards in Ontario. It includes a 40-hour online course that covers the fundamentals of security and loss prevention. Additionally, you’ll receive training in Standard First Aid & CPR/AED (Level C), ensuring you’re well-prepared to handle emergency situations. By completing this package, you’ll not only gain increased awareness of potential threats but also develop a better understanding of legal standards, incident responses, and limitations. This comprehensive training opens up a wide range of career opportunities in the security industry.

Package 2: Basic Security Training

Price: $112.99 (tax included)

Designed for individuals who have already fulfilled their CPR training requirement elsewhere, this package focuses solely on the core security training needed to become a licensed security guard in Ontario. The 40-hour online course covers essential topics such as security and loss prevention, providing you with a solid foundation in the field.

By choosing this package, you’ll enhance your awareness of threats, gain knowledge of legal standards and limitations, and sharpen your incident response skills. This package offers a cost-effective option for individuals who have already fulfilled their CPR training requirements

Package 3: Standard First Aid & CPR/AED (Level C)

Price: $84.75 (tax included)

For those seeking to acquire life-saving skills that can benefit them both personally and professionally, this package offers training in Standard First Aid & CPR/AED (Level C). The training covers CPR techniques for adults, children, and infants, equipping you with the confidence and ability to respond effectively in emergency situations. This package enhances employability in various industries that require CPR certification and is recognized and certified by the Ontario government. Furthermore, by choosing this package from Supreme Security Services, you’ll receive free CPR renewal for life, ensuring your certification remains up to date without any additional costs.

Supreme Security Services: A Trusted Pathway to Employment

Supreme Security Services has earned widespread acclaim for its exceptional training programs and commitment to providing employment opportunities for aspiring security guards. With an impressive 85% employment rate, they have successfully trained and placed numerous security guards in various roles across the industry. This remarkable statistic speaks volumes about the quality of their training and their ability to prepare individuals for the demands of the job.

Ontario Security Guard Exam and License Application:

Upon completing the security course with Supreme Security Services, you become eligible to apply for the Ontario Security Guard Exam. The exam can be taken in person with Serco at any Service Ontario location, with a cost of $35.00 + HST, totaling $39.55. Once you pass the exam and fulfill all necessary requirements, you can obtain your Ontario Security Guard License.

Obtaining the license is a crucial step in your journey as a security guard. The application process is conveniently completed online, and the license is valid for a duration of two years. The license renewal fee is $80.00, ensuring uninterrupted work in the security industry.

In conclusion, Supreme Security Services not only offers cost-effective and comprehensive training packages but also serves as a reliable pathway to employment in the security industry. Their commitment to providing job opportunities and their extensive training expertise make them an ideal choice for aspiring security guards in Ontario. Don’t miss out on the chance to receive top-notch training, secure your license, and embark on a fulfilling career as a licensed security guard with Supreme Security Services. 

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