Commercial Security Services

Supreme Security Services employs a comprehensive approach to determine the suitable level of protection required for commercial sectors.


Supreme Security Services, a leading security guard company, specializes in providing highly skilled security guard services, implementing integrated security systems, and conducting security assessments across Ontario, Canada. We understand that keeping your business and assets safe is a top priority. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the most reliable and effective security solutions.

Our diverse team of experienced Security Professionals are prepared to handle any situation that may arise. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology and tools to maintain the security of your property round the clock. Whether you need continuous security services or a temporary solution for a specific event or project, Supreme Security Services offers a tailored solution for you.


When you choose Supreme Security Services, a premier security guard company, you can trust that you are partnering with an organization committed to excellence. Our dedication to surpassing expectations is ingrained in our core values and reflected in every aspect of our operations. From providing highly skilled security personnel to building strong, trust-based relationships, we strive to deliver outstanding service and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our Promise

We provide you Professionalism as our security guards are trained to be professional in every aspect of their work.

We provide you Reliability as our guards are available 24/7, and we’ll work with you to ensure that your security needs are always met.

We provide you Safety and they’ll take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of your employees, customers, and property.

We promise to work with you to develop a Customized security plan that fits your specific requirements.

Our Commercial Services


Having security guards in banks and other financial institutions not only deters criminal activity but also assures banking clients of a secure environment. Our security guard company provides highly trained professionals to ensure the safety and peace of mind of both staff and customers.

Supreme Security Services provides services, including:

    • 24/7 Protection Service
    • Deter Criminal Activity
    • Unarmed Security Guards
    • CCTV Installation and Monitoring
    • Supervision Parking Lots
    • Customer Services
    • Daily Reporting
    • Loss Prevention
    • Emergency Response and Planning


Condominiums and rental properties pose specific security challenges that our trained security guards are equipped to handle. To ensure our customers’ safety, we tailor security plans to suit their individual needs. You can trust that your home will be safe with us, given our team’s extensive experience and track record of success. As a reputable security guard company, we provide a range of condo security guard and rental security packages that can be customized to fit any condo company’s needs.



As criminal activity increases across Ontario, individuals and families can be hesitant to move about their environment freely and without fear of incident. Supreme Security Services, a leading security guard company, offers a comprehensive range of services to keep individuals safe in various public and government locations.

    • Recreational, Amusement, or Theme Parks
    • Beaches and Sea Sites
    • Public Libraries
    • Government Institutions
    • Hospitals
    • Schools and Universities
    • Cloakrooms, Bathrooms, or Restrooms
    • Pools
    • Public Squares


Establishing a reliable security service at your store can offer peace of mind to both owners and customers. By partnering with a professional security guard company, you can tailor a security system to meet the specific needs of your business and significantly reduce the risk of loss. Our trained security guards are skilled at identifying shoplifting behaviours and are well-prepared to handle such situations. Any theft incidents will be promptly reported, and appropriate actions will be taken without delay.

Our retail and shopping mall services include the following:

  • Preventing Thefts and Shoplifting
  • CCTV installation and monitoring
  • Fire Safety


Our uniform security guards are knowledgeable and skilled in various protection methods. They are often employed in high-crime areas or at properties susceptible to theft, vandalism, or other criminal activities. Supreme Security guards routinely receive extensive training to respond effectively to ongoing criminal incidents or to protect high-profile individuals or VIPs.


Supreme Security has the experience and workforce necessary to provide 24/7 Patrol Watch security for your premises. Our experienced and highly trained security professionals will closely monitor your property around the clock, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Supreme security guards have an extensive background in law enforcement including military service and are equipped to handle any situation that may arise.


At Supreme Security Services, we understand the unique security challenges that exists at construction sites. Services such as access control, surveillance, and perimeter protection safeguard personnel, equipment, and materials. Whether it’s a small-scale construction project or a large development, we offer customized security solutions.

  • Round-the-clock Coverage Ensures Continual Security Protection
  • Security Guards Mitigate Risks at Exposed Construction Sites


Supreme Security Services is a trusted provider of access control security solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes. We offer a wide range of access control systems, including biometric readers, key cards, and keypad entry to help prevent unauthorized access to buildings, facilities, and sensitive areas.

With our state-of-the-art access control systems, Supreme Security Services can help businesses and organizations achieve greater control over who enters their facilities, reduce the risk of theft, and enhance overall safety and security.


Supreme Security provides complete security solutions for safeguarding your warehouse or distribution center from theft, vandalism, fire, and other potential risks that may pose a threat to your business. As a leading security guard company, our highly trained security guards are committed to protecting your premises and inventory, ensuring continuity in your business operations, and preventing significant financial losses.

Our warehouse security service includes:

  • 24/7 available security guards
  • High-technology control systems
  • Development of a safety plan
  • Professional highly acquainted staff
  • Trustworthy Guarding
  • No-obligation consultation

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On time, professional and good service in all aspects. Highly recommended

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It’s the best company to get registered with and get security training.Even the cost is very low and cooperative company

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3 weeks ago

Very efficient, professional & well trained staff. Very outstanding among others. Well done

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Used supreme security for multiple events, very professional staff and excellent business practices

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Great company to do business with. They helped my business when I was in need of security. We are grateful for everything they've done for us and we will continue to use Supreme Security moving forward.

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2 months ago

Best, on Time and active security guards service providers. Highly recommend for events

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2 months ago

I have contacted this agency for work. Informed them with my availability and they tried hard to put me on work according to my availability. And I am glad that I reached to this agency.

If you want to get highly professional security guard training in a very reasonable and affordable process supreme security services is the best place to learn about security guard training and how to get the license

Talha Ahmad
2 years ago

Great company. Professional staff they make sure their clients needs are met.

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a year ago

Great place to work, very professional and good working culture.

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Best security company in GTA

Highly professional affordable security guard trainer

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